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The Fictitious Business Name search site may be unavailable on Sundays between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for system maintenance.

The information is provided only for the convenience of the user. While the County strives to make the information as timely and complete as possible, no representation or warranty is made that the information contained in this website reflects the most accurate current information. The County assumes no responsibility for errors, incomplete or out-of-date information.

Database Content

The Fictitious Business Name database is not an official record for legal purposes. It is a summary of some of the information contained on the Fictitious Business Name statements filed in our office. If an official, certified record or written record search is needed, please contact us for more information.

The Fictitious Business Name database only contains records filed in Sacramento County. Fictitious Business Names are filed at the county level, so businesses in Placer County, for example, will not appear in our database. If you are interested in a business based in another county, please to contact that county. Please click on Links for greater-Sacramento area City and County contact information.

Businesses conducting business in California with no physical location in the State, are required to file in Sacramento County.

Note - if you are planning to file a Fictitious Business Name, it is YOUR responsibility to check sources other than the Sacramento County Fictitious Business Name database to ensure that your are not infringing on trademarks or common law rights. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.